A Woman’s Love Has Limits

“Morning Word: Guys, Dont overestimate how much a woman loves you when all you do is keep putting her through pain. Some women have no problem at all going from loving you, To having nothing but love for you while keeping you at a safe distance. For every heart you hurt, There is a man out there willing to heal her back to her essence. For every bad thing you did to suck the life right out of her, There is a man willing to breathe new life right back into her. And when she finally comes across that man, There wont be anything you can do to stop her gravitation towards him. He will make her smile like you never did. He will make her laugh like you never could. He will rub her feet and ask her how her day went. He will encourage her and not tear her apart like you always did. And she will take a chance on this new chapter in her life, While this new man is currently putting an end to yours.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION


“Morning Word: Cherish the “Roots” in your life. Roots are the people planted in your life who regardless of any situation, Will always be there for you. They will always be a source of inspiration. They will always be a listening ear when you need one. They will encourage and motivate you to elevating yourself to becoming better. They will make you laugh, When the world tries its best to make you cry. They will be who you need and what you need, When thunderstorms present themselves in your life. A Root will keep you grounded. They will share the pains you carry when the rain pours, But allow you your space when it stops so you can dance in the sun. Roots don’t need the spotlight. They just want their spot right with you and for it to never change in your life.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Loving A Fool

“Morning Word: Dont let the person who hurt you keep you away from the person who can help you. When you let hurt keep you away from help, All you do is hinder your happiness. You got hurt in the past by some fool. And even though you and that fool are long over, That fool still plays a factor in your life today because they cut you deeply and still have power over the chances you take with other people. But let me tell you something about a fool. Only a fool will put in jeopardy someone they cannot afford losing. Its one thing to risk what you can afford to lose. But it’s a whole other thing to put at risk the only true thing in your life that you cant lose. The Bible says, “Whoever walks with the wise will become wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm”. So if you got separated from a fool, Let them go. God could be preparing you someone wise enough to love you without bringing you harm.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Past Pain

“Morning Word: Anything you’ve been through and everything you’ve been through, You went through it because God said go through that. We all have a past that can be painful to look at. Some more than others. But your past can help mold you into a better person if you choose to look at it in the right light. Dont become a prisoner of your past pain, Become a Liberator from it. And since we all go through Hell and High water eventually, We might as well try to understand why we are going through it and what we can learn from it. Your past pain can also be your present testimony. And the things you have been through can help someone else stuck in a similar circumstance. Always remember “That the grace of God will help you face the odds”.–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Negative People

“Morning Word: Rid yourself of negative, draining people who don’t want to pour positivity in your life. You will be surprised how much you can add to your life with the subtraction of a few others. At some point you have to cut off any and everything that is not beneficial towards your progression. People quick to say you changed, But slow to see how far you have really come. And if your growth makes them feel uncomfortable so be it, They wasnt meant to stay in your life in the first place. Someone who is truly happy about your success will be so happy for you that all of your accomplishments will feel like theirs. You will become a source of motivation or inspiration in their life. But if you have people feeling a certain way because you have grown, Cut them people off. The quickest way to find out who is throwing shade in your life, Is to stand still and grow right before the sunlight.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Celebrate Yourself

“Morning Word: Get in a habit of celebrating yourself more. Everyday above ground is a good one whether you believe it is or not. Be proud that you’ve made it through bad thunderstorms. Be proud that you got your life back on track after going off the path a little. Be proud that you have love in your heart again after a bad breakup and that it didnt change you but only made you stronger. Celebrate yourself more. You get up everyday and take care of business & take care of home and forget to be proud of how far you have made it. No one knows all the struggles you overcame that made you the determined person that you are. We all have personal battles that no one will ever know about. Be proud of your war scars, Because they helped mold you into the great person you are today. And someone out there is looking up to you.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION


“Morning Word: One of the most powerful things you can do in life is to “Follow Your Confirmations”. Confirmations are signs or signals sent directly from God that guide you to where you need to be in life. They guide you in love. They guide you in career changes. They guide you in anything that requires a leap of faith on your part. See,  If you follow your heart, You have a 50/50 chance of being on the right path. But if you be still and wait on your confirmation and then follow that, You will be where you need to be 100% percent of the time. Your heart may lead you to a prize or a pain. But your confirmation will lead you to a promise followed behind another promise. When things arent right in your life, Its usually because you have been following your own understanding and not your confirmations. So listen to what God is trying to say to you. He could be trying to save you from yourself.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

One Day

“Morning Word: One day the person you need will walk into your life. I can’t tell you how, where or when but it will happen, Just as long as you still believe in love. The people from your past will become a distant memory. Sure some of them broke your trust. Maybe even a few of them took you for granted. But when the right person shows up in your life, All that has happened to you won’t even matter. Because their love will drive out all the negative things people have done to you, So that this new love can be in your heart like it should. Don’t be discouraged. Remove who doesnt belong in your life so the person walking in yours has the proper room to be loved by you. Because when it happens, Their love will take up so much of your heart, That it will spill out into your soul and have you feeling completely lifted.”–Wood, Instagram – @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

God Is Your Source

“Morning Word: When you take something from where it came from it dies. When you take a fish out of water it dies. When you take an apple from a tree it dies. When you take a tree from the ground it dies. And when you take a man away from God, He dies. Meaning, You can have your whole life figured out from top to bottom, But if you are without God you will make your life harder. You will endure more pain. You will endure more setbacks and you not even knowing it, You will become the very reason behind your own demise. Remember that God is your source with any and everything you do in life. He gives you strength. He gives you drive. He gives you everything you need to make yourself whole and the minute you forget that, The minute you separate yourself from the source (God), Your life will become that much more harder.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Be Open To Receiving

“Morning Word: No one can keep you away from something that God has meant for you. No one can keep you away from a soulmate. No one can keep you away from a great job. And no one can keep you away from a great opportunity. A blessing that is meant for you can never be signed over and given ownership to someone else. Your blessing is yours to keep. But understand something. You have to be open to receiving that blessing at all times. Because right now in your life, You have blessings that you have missed out on for good because it didnt happen on your time, Rather than you taking a moment to see what God was trying to give you. So be open to receiving what is meant for you, Because once its gone…. Its gone forever.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION