“Sometimes the only person who will be able to pick yourself up off the ground is you. You have to keep in mind that you are not a finished product. God still has a level of greatness he is trying to take you to. Adversity will either make you a chump or a champion. And each time you face a new level of problems, That’s really God trying to prepare you for a new level of promises.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

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Stop Looking Down

“Morning Word: Stop looking down on who you are. Stop being afraid of how great you truly can become. There may be billions and billions of people in this world, But God still took his time designing you. God still took his time giving you the perfect traits and qualities to excel in life. You are not here by accident. You are here on purpose and to carry out a purpose. So what you don’t like the job you have now. So what certain people are dragging your name through the mud. The armor of God will protect you from every assassination. And the goodness of God will shower you clean and provide you with blessings beyond your imagination. Stay the course. Dont pay attention to the people booing from the outside. Just focus on making your next big
shot.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

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Responsibility No.4: Patience

“The forth responsibility you have to your spirit is Patience. God already knows the things you want to see come into fruition in your life, But you really have trust his timing. You have to believe that some of the things you are asking for will not be given to you until you are absolutely ready. Nothing more worse than him giving you a blessing and you turning around and giving it right back to him. Patience will prepare you for his promises, Remember that.”–Wood, Instagram- @woodtheinspiration

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Responsibility No.3: Peace

“The third responsibility you have to your spirit is Peace. You have the right to live a drama free life. You have the right to remove anyone acting as a road block, As you travel towards your destiny of promises God has meant for you. Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible. And you will never see clearly where you need to be headed, If peace is not a priority in your life.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

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Love and Baggage

“Love is a journey. Love is taking a trip with someone and hoping the both of you end up in a beautiful place. But on that trip, You will have baggage from previous relationships and so will they. Some bags will be small. Others will be bigger. The key is this. Before you book your flight towards happiness, Make sure you have someone with you that is willing to help you unpack. Because when you have that, You will never have to worry about your baggage again.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

Responsibility 2: Protect Your Joy

“The second responsibility you have to your spirit is protecting your Joy. Remember we live in a world where positive vibes are stolen all the time. People will steal your Joy and trade you their misery. Protect what makes you glow from the inside out. Anyone not on the same positive road as you needs to be left at the nearest exit. Push negative people outside of your boundaries. Protect your Joy.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

7 Responsibilities of Your Spirit

“You have 7 responsibilities to your Spirit. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS & FAITHFULNESS. I’ll start with love and speak on the others later. Love who you are. The best love you will ever possess is the love you give yourself. There is nothing more painful to see than someone cracking a smile with no love in it. When you dont love who you are, You allow other people to deposit and withdraw whatever “they” feel you deserve. Take control of your emotional bank account. So that when you receive love from other people it gets added in as interest. And not as the main balance.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

Dont Limit Yourself

“Dont let who you currently are, Give you doubts on who you can grow to be. Our biggest fear is that we are greater beyond measure. You have some things in life meant for you to accomplish as soon as you start having more faith in yourself. We all get the same 24 hours. And God doesn’t show favoritism, He shows hard work. And its time for you to be who he designed you to be.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration

Love Is Peace

“The person who makes your life easier, Is the only one worth loving the hardest. We’ve fallen into a trap of giving our hardest to people who make our lives hard. And easily dismiss those wanting to make our lives easier. Love is not pain. Love is peace. And when you finally have peace of mind, body and soul with one another, Your life from that day forward will become a cakewalk.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration


“I firmly believe that God will never give you a gift, a skill or a passion for something you love just to tease you with success. Before you were formed he knew you. And before you were born he set you apart. He’s already chosen for you what will bring you increase in your life. But what he cant do is choose whether or not you will have faith in the process. That is a choice and a commitment you will have to make.”–Wood, Instagram-@woodtheinspiration