“Love & Gambling”

“Morning Word: They always miss you when you’re gone, But never miss you when you stay. You don’t want someone always seeing what they had. You want someone always seeing what they have. Love can be a gamble. But the unfortunate part with love and gambling is- Its always the person with nothing in the middle, Putting everything up at stake, Leaving the person who’s brung a lot more having a lot less when everything ends. But that’s ok though. A fool with nothing is going to be the same fool when they finally have everything. And when it all comes to light and they put everything in the middle with someone else (who has nothing) the same way you did with them, Only then will they see how they messed up a special one. But by that time you will have double your chips of happiness with someone else. Karma can be a bitch, But she can also be your sweetheart too.”–Wood, Instagram- WOODTHEINSPIRATION