What He Never Told You X

Morning Word | What He Never Told You X
He Said…..”Before you used to be so thoughtful, Then you started treating Me like you didn’t think about Me at all. You wasn’t going out of your way to make me smile anymore. You wasn’t putting out the same effort you did in the beginning. Either you got comfortable or the value of my smile started to not mean as much. Then you would argue with Me about things not feeling the same, But do nothing on your end to change how I felt. See married or not, Relationships take a lot of work. You can’t keep taking mental, physical and emotional vacations from your partner, And comeback home expecting to have the same rapport you had in the beginning of the relationship. When we decide to be together, We become a team. And that was something that you just couldn’t grasp. When two people decide to love each other, They start working on building a bridge together. And no matter what happens you both have to keep meeting in the middle of that bridge everyday. But one day I woke up and realized you wasn’t meeting me in the middle of the bridge anymore. And that’s when I realized things had changed forever.”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

What He Never Told You IX

Morning Word | What He Never Told You IX
He Said….”Love is a gamble. And being with you was such a risk, It took awhile to gain back everything I had ever lost. But no matter what happened to Me, I always reminded myself that God was with Me and eventually I would be ok. I learned a few things about myself. I grew in areas where most men fell apart and never trusted women again. To Me love is like being in school. Someone can teach Me everything I need to know about it, But at the end of the day, Some lessons I still need to learn on my own. And because of you, I’ve majored in loving myself more, And minored in not giving the wrong people the very best of Me….”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

What He Never Told You VIII

Morning Word | What He Never Told You VIII
He Said….”I don’t need you finding value in Me after someone else already made an investment. I don’t do business or love with people who are scared of putting their own money up. I like the kind of people who take a chance on Me when I’m under. I like the kind of people who pay attention to Me when everyone else already overlooked Me. I like the kind of people who genuinely want my company around and not those who are just trying to use Me to fill a void. God never designed Me to be someone’s fallback guy or backup plan. I was created in his image to be the same blessing in someone else’s life just like he has been in mine. Pick Me first or don’t pick Me at all. Because you know like I know, Nobody ever remembers the person that came in second place. And it wouldn’t be long until you started to forget about Me. Truthfully, I’m too special not to be remembered.”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

What He Never Told You VII

Morning Word | What He Never Told You VII
He Said…”For some reason, Everybody around you knew that you had someone special in Me except you. Everybody around you knew that the type of man that I am doesn’t come around often. Am I perfect? No, Far from it. Am I a better option than what most women have to choose from now a days? Well absolutely. But see, You didn’t find that out until I was completely gone. You didn’t know how special I was until you tried replacing Me with guys that only sought sex instead of substance. You didn’t know how special I was until every man after Me became your nightmare, When all I wanted to do was support your dreams. You didn’t know when you found Me, Too bad you had to find out when you lost Me….”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

What He Never Told You VI

Morning Word | What He Never Told You VI
He Said….”But in spite of everything that you put Me through, I am still able to pray for your happiness. I’ve made a promise to myself to learn and grow from every trial and tribulation I find myself in. I don’t hold grudges anymore, I just hold onto lessons learned. The perfect relationship will never exist, But the one that is worth it for Me is definitely still out there. I want Me and my next lady to laugh like Martin and Gina as we shoot each other with super soakers throughout the whole apartment. I want us to be each other’s laugh during our saddest times, And be each other’s peace during our most craziest times. I want us to live in brick castle’s like The Huxtable’s and make funny memories as a family like when everyone got dressed up to say Goodbye to Rudy’s fish. I want a friend I can talk to about anything in my next relationship, And not someone I just go through the motions with as I walk around them on eggs shells. I don’t want to guess how they feel about Me, I want to know through actions, words, loyalty and trust. I just want us to still want each other even after we get on each other’s nerves. I just want the next person I date to be the last person I date. I just want my partner in life…”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

What He Never Told You V

Morning Word | What He Never Told You V
He Said…”But to be honest I can’t blame you for everything. And every time God gave Me another sign to leave you, I turned right back around and gave you another chance to stay. So part of it doesn’t even have to do with you. Part of Me hurting has to do with Me forgiving myself for continuing to place too much faith in people. Part of Me hurting has to deal with Me not accepting people for who they really are, Instead of being blinded by who they can actually grow to be. I have to remind myself that if I can’t fall in love with someone at face value, I’ll always find myself chasing a fantasy instead of chasing the real thing. I have to remind myself that someone’s potential can never be 100% fully guaranteed. I have to remind myself that you don’t love someone hoping that they will change and grow up, You love someone hoping that they don’t change at all and are someone you can see yourself building with on day one. I can’t be in love with someone you may never show Me. And that’s where I went wrong at. Because while you were comfortable not evolving as a woman, I got stuck on loving someone you never saw yourself becoming.”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration