Last Forever

“Morning Word: We all want to be happy and in love one day, at least that’s the goal. We all want to eventually find that life partner that makes our life a lot easier to live. And just because you haven’t come across that person yet, It does not mean that, That person does not exist. Sometimes God will hide you both from each other because you both are truly not ready to love. You are not unlovable. You are not unwanted. You are a diamond. But your problem is, You want God to put you out for display when he hasn’t finished polishing you yet. Your life partner deserves you at your absolute best and vice versa. And the only way you’ll make your next relationship your last relationship, Is by not rushing something you want to last forever.”–Wood, Instagram- @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Find Somebody To Breathe For

“Morning Word: The person you are not making time for is the same person that someone else doesn’t mind making a future with. It’s crazy to Me how some of you can have a present right in front of you and will not open the gift because you think you got it like that. You treat people like you don’t need their heart but its good to have it just in case. Opportunities are rare. Connections are scarce. And a person interest in you will not last forever. It would be a shame if God sent you a prophecy in your sleep about who you were destined to be with, But you let them get away. All the money in the world cant buy you the security and support you need from a loving heart. All the money in the world can’t wipe away your tears in the middle of a crisis. And all the money in the world cant stand by your bedside holding your hand while you take your last breath. Better find you somebody to breathe for….”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATON

A Woman’s Smile

“Morning Word: The best thing a woman can wear is her smile. Not her make-up,  Not her eye liner, Not her lipstick and not even her favorite outfit can top that. Wearing happiness on her face can change another person’s whole day. There is so much power behind the smile of a woman, Especially the woman that someone else admires. Sometimes we can get so lost looking at pictures of you smiling and lose track of time. A woman’s smile has the power to heal, encourage and motivate. Your smile may be the only thing that someone else has to hold onto just to make it through their day. So whatever you do please keep smiling. Your 3 second face expression, Just may be the only thing that saves someone else’s life.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Give and Receive

“Morning Word: Love isnt and should never be one sided. A healthy relationship will have its balance of both give and take. When two people have a give and take relationship, They learn to lean on each other’s energy as it bounces back and forth. They learn to lean on each other’s love to see them all the way through. Love has to do with expression and feeling. And if Im taking everything you are expressing and feeling and not pouring it back into you, Sooner or later your well will run dry. But if you pour love into Me until it runs over and I pour the same love into you until that runs over, Subconsciously we will fall into a habit of keeping each other filled up. If I see that you are having a bad day, Maybe pouring a little bit of Me into you will help alleviate that and vice versa. When you give and receive, You lay down a foundation of loving to succeed.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION

God Removing People

“Morning Word: Understand this, God removing people from your life has nothing to do with you. God cannot stand to see you keeping yourself attached to a heart breaking person and situation. Sometimes you just have to make peace with the war he is taking you out of and trust the land of promises he’s taking you to. You can give your all to the wrong people for so long that when it’s all over you feel completely naked in the end. It’s okay to miss people who cannot do anything for you. It’s okay to miss people who cannot make you happy. But it is not okay to keep your heart hurting when peace, joy and happiness are available options. It’s always better to smile and reminiscence than to frown and continue to be down. Be happy with yourself and then wait for someone else to be happy with”–Wood, Instagram- @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Letting Go

“Morning Word: When you let go of what you thought you wanted, You give God room to give you what you need. Cant appreciate and hold a blessing close to you when your hands are full with a mess. When you let go and remain patient, You start leaning on faith. Doing this gives the universe a chance to work in your favor. You have to believe that God has something greater for you in store worth more than what you have already purchased. And the only way you find that out for sure is letting go and learning to walk with your eyes closed. God wants you to succeed and he wants you to be loved genuinely. But he cant deliver you his promises, until you trust letting go with complete patience.”–Wood, Instagram- @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

The Love You Need

“Morning Word: Great thing about love is how high it can leave your spirit feeling. To know that you went through so much pain and can still have someone find delight in the way you smile is amazing. You will always be more than enough for the right person that needs you. And some of us have been through so many situations that it has taught us to protect and appreciate the good once we finally have it again. God is preparing you someone to make you smile like you never have before. He is preparing you someone to make you feel a way you never felt before. Your spirit will be everything their soul was yearning to have. Quietly your souls will connect and continue to grow fond of each other even without you two being around. God is working on the love you need, Because the love you want will never be able to achieve the things this new love will bring.”–Wood, Instagram- WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Cold Hearted

“Morning Word: You hear all the time about how having a cold heart can be a bad thing. That somehow a person being insensitive with the advances being made towards them doesn’t make them a people person. But have you ever stopped to ask that person why they feel the way they do? Maybe they are still dealing with someone robbing the innocence their heart once had. Maybe someone who portrayed themselves as a people person, Abused their good heart and had them feeling less than nothing. Or maybe just maybe, They are waiting on someone who gives them the feeling of the warmth of the sun on their face so it can melt away the ice around their heart. Maybe they have learned not to crack the blinds to their soul, Until they have finally met someone who’s sunlight they couldn’t deny. Maybe they are not cold hearted, Maybe you are just not warm enough to invoke the emotions you want reciprocated.”–Wood, Instagram-   @WOODTHEINSPIRATION

Irreplaceable To Replaceable

“Morning Word: Unfortunately, When some people have been with you for a while, Your value in their life wears off and gets distorted. They done had you for so long that you go from being irreplaceable to someone they dont mind losing. And the minute they dont mind losing you they have already lost, Because there are no guarantees with trying to win back a drained heart. Dont ask for someone’s heart, When you dont know what to do with your own. The people you are taking for granted could be the people that God gave you to take you to the next level. Why do we feel the need to cheat ourselves out of something that was meant for us? Because we are so used to carrying the burden, That having a blessing feels awkward.”–Wood, Instagram- @WOODTHEINSPIRATION