Morning Word
All of us have different ways of dealing with heartbreak. Heartbreak doesn’t feel the same to everyone even though all of us experience it. The most you can do after you part ways with someone is take time to yourself. Take time going through your emotions. Take time sorting out your negative thoughts. You can’t rush closure no matter how bad you want to get rid of what you are feeling. Closure is a necessary process towards recovery. Mentally you need time ripping out the pages of your memory with someone else. Emotionally you need time separating yourself from someone else. All you can do after getting your heart broken is take each day one at a time. You have to heal at your own speed. You have to learn from what you have been through at your own pace. You have to put yourself back together and put the love you were giving out, back into you again. Heartbreaks can be hard, but they are not impossible to overcome.

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