Morning Word
Fellas, you have to genuinely pursue a great woman like she is the greatest thing you have ever laid eyes on. If she doesn’t feel like treasure in your presence, she will save herself for the man that does give her that feeling. If she doesn’t feel like a priority, she will wait as long as it takes for the man who won’t hesitate putting her number one in his life. However on the flip side, ladies you have to give a man of purpose something meaningful to pursue. Your attractiveness will satisfy his appetite but it won’t cure him of his hunger completely if you don’t have deeper qualities to bring to the table. Are you the kind of woman that can add value to a man’s life? Men fall hard for women who are genuinely supportive and very encouraging. At the end of the day, there is nothing like a supportive encouraging woman and a purpose driven man being in love together. That kind of couple can accomplish anything in the world together.

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