Morning Word
Follow your heart, but don’t forget to take your brain with you. Some of you have the biggest heart’s in the world, but you keep investing your time and your love into people who are not ready for a serious committed relationship. You can’t build a stable connection with an unstable person. You have to keep in mind that when red flags are raised, that is God’s way of trying to warn you. You have to be more patient with giving your heart away. You have to be more smarter with who you allow to have a special place in your life. If someone doesn’t have the potential to help you grow and make you a better person, should you really be pouring all of yourself into that person? If someone can’t be upfront and honest with you about normal things, can you really trust that person with your heart? You have to understand that you are a very special and unique person, and you just can’t share what makes you great, with someone who can’t appreciate greatness. IG@woodtheinspiration

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