Morning Word
When you are single, sometimes you can grow impatient while waiting on the right one. You’ll start wondering if something is wrong with you. You’ll start thinking about if you will ever have your happy ever after. You’ll start wondering if you are being punished for something you did because your last few relationships didn’t work out. You’ll start thinking about all these negative things that really do nothing to support your outlook on love in a positive way. The truth is, life does not have it out for you. Sometimes it just takes some of us a little longer to find our other half. Stop letting your present circumstances give you such a negative outlook. Stop using your past to gauge whether or not true love will ever walk into your life. Your past and your future have no business being in the same place together. You will never see who you have coming if you are always looking back at who you no longer need. You have a beautiful chapter awaiting to be written with someone great in the near future. Keep your faith, keep your positive outlook and keep your good heart all in alignment because your other half is coming. IG@woodtheinspiration


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