Morning Word
He looked her in the eyes and said…
“Even when we didn’t have much, we still had each other. We never gave up on each other. We never discouraged each other. We always remained committed to each other even when we could have just easily quit like everyone does nowadays. Seeing you truly stick by my side when I couldn’t give you the world, made me fall in love with you a lot deeper. It made me want to go out here and grind even harder for the both of us. I appreciate you more than you know because you were always able to look past my struggles as a man, and help pull out the greatness in me. You saw the King in me when everyone else saw the worst. You spoke great things in me when other people acted like they couldn’t speak at all. You showed me that true love has no boundaries, and that if two people really love each other enough they can make it through every storm together and come out even stronger. Your love truly has made me a better man.”


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