Morning Word
I think one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to love is, so many people think that love has to do with another person being responsible for completely making them happy. Love isn’t about taking the backseat and watching someone else do all the work to make you happy. Love is “sharing your happiness with someone else”. Love is loving who you are and being patient until you come across someone else who you would love to share yourself with. It isn’t about trying to find someone who can fill a void when you are lonely. You have to love who you are before you can love someone else. If you do not love who you are or if you are feeling completely miserable on the inside as a person, you have no business at all trying to share that with someone else. Be happy with yourself first before trying to be happy with someone else. When you think someone else deserves to have the best parts of you, that’s love. That is taking a true leap of faith. Be happy with yourself first and then let someone else add to your happiness and vice versa.


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