Morning Word
One reason why some single women have problems with single men when it comes to dating is because, some single men are only focused on being physical. Some single men are more interested in having sex and exchanging physical energy than they are with exchanging dialogue and having a real conversation. Without knowing anything about the woman or what she has been through, some guys have a way of projecting their own selfish desires on women. For women it’s a red flag. They cant see themselves having a serious long term relationship with a man giving off this kind of vibe. Women want to know things like; “Are you family oriented? Are you ambitious? Are you looking for someone to settle down with? Do you believe in being a provider? Are you planted firmly in a strong spiritual foundation? Are you healed from your last relationship? Do you love children?, What do you like to do for fun?” and so on. They want to know about the man as a person, and they want the man to take the same time trying to understand them as well.


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