Morning Word
After you mess over certain people, there is no upgrade after them. You can search high and low all you want, but certain people in life leave behind a void that can’t be filled. Certain people in life care like no one else will care for you again. Certain people in life give away a love so unselfishly that you will never get to experience that level of sacrifice from anyone ever again. The “good ones” can’t be replaced, you can only have other people “try” to take their place. Don’t be the person throwing away something special that you will never find again. Don’t let karma have you looking for the person you took for granted in other people because I guarantee you this, you definitely won’t find them there. I’m not saying that you can’t bounce back and fall in love again, all I’m saying is you just can’t replace certain people. Diamonds are one of a kind, and when you finally have one in your hands, you should protect it, cherish it and value it at all times. It’s like losing your favorite ring. Sure you can go out and get another one tomorrow, but a part of you will still be wishing that you took better care of the one that you never wanted to lose.


2 thoughts on “Good Ones

  1. Another thought provoking beautifully powerful piece again. I just wanted to say a biggg heartfelt thanks for all your posts this year. You keep me going through some pretty dark moment. And I feel. Really feel now that there is hope and that if I hold out and wait and enjoy my single phase of life right now, the right one will come along. And even if he doesn’t I know that thanks to your blog I will still be okay.
    God bless you.
    Hope 2017 see even more beautiful pieces from you.
    Your fan Candy

    1. Awww thank you Candy! God bless you too. Yes better days are still ahead. Keep smiling and keep pushing through. Peace and blessings to you too this year.

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