Morning Word
The problem with dating today is everyone’s mentality. The minute we started putting sex before love, we started setting ourselves back. The minute we started putting “Netflix and Chill“ before “Courting and Build”, we started going in the wrong direction. Women are afraid of men only entertaining them for their bodies, and men are afraid of women emotionally using them to repair themseleves because of the damage the last few men did. We need to get back to a place where we start putting real face to face conversations before text messages. We need to stop hiding behind our poker faces and have a little more faith in being transparent with our emotions and what we desire out of the next person. We need to break this unhealthy habit of thinking that we cant trust letting people get to know us and vice versa. Let’s hold hands and take a walk and talk instead of always texting all the time. Let’s talk about the storms we have been through and pray that the person we are opening up to is someone strong enough to go through the weather with us. Let’s get back to trying to truly understand each other. IG@woodtheinspiration

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