Morning Word
A Man Ready For Love…
“Already understands that, if she is special, her love won’t come easy. He already knows that he can’t hide behind his strength 24/7. He knows that he will have to eventually be transparent with his feelings and open up so that his relationship with his woman can reach a deeper level of love. He knows that she won’t be perfect. He knows that she will have her own set of flaws just like he will have his own. He knows there may be times when she may be difficult to deal with. He knows there may be times when they don’t see eye to eye on everything. However, his unwavering love for her, will always keep him planted in her life. His protective presence will always give her the reassurance that she can feel safe around him. He understands the importance of pouring positive affirmations into his woman but also knows that she will need space and sunlight to grow in her own direction. He will listen to understand. He will build with her instead of trying to destroy what they have. He will be a friend that she can trust and the kind of man that she needs in her life.” IG@woodtheinspiration

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