Morning Word
They say selfishness can be the demise of love. Two people can’t give more to each other if they are holding back from each other. We all try to play it safe now. We don’t want to take chances on showing what we are capable of giving until the other person has shown us what we are capable of receiving first. Really what we are saying is, “Give me your heart first, and let me think about giving you mines later.” No matter how you slice it, love is a gamble. The only thing holding back will do is, hold you back from happiness completely. And if you are not going to be in it all the way, regroup and take some time to yourself until you can actually make that kind of commitment to someone else. There is still a heart out there waiting to love you the same way that you can love them. Heal “You” so you can be the real you when the real thing comes along.

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