Morning Word
You get your heart broken and for a period of time you feel like it’s the end of the world. To know that you cannot create anymore memories with someone you invested so much in, doesn’t just sit well with you at first. It’s like a struggle between both the heart and the mind. Because emotionally you are still attached to the situation, but mentally you are over everything and just want to move on with your life. But then time passes. Emotionally you become stronger. The wound starts to heal. And you’re able to reach a point where you can reflect back without being emotionally affected. And the whole time you are looking back, God is looking forward to you meeting the person he has designed for you. Sometimes it’s less about people walking out of your life, and more about God walking them to the exit. See breakups never make sense while your heart is still breaking. But after you have healed and became whole again, you are able to look at love from a different and deeper perspective. Trust me, when God subtracts someone from your life, it’s because he is working on bringing you someone who can double your happiness in return.

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