Morning Word
Every time a relationship ends, it is not always the man’s fault. Sometimes women can have this misconception that men do not value healthy relationships anymore. They will take a few bad apples (in this case men) who have emotionally, verbally and physically abused them, and use this as a gauge to measure other men by which isn’t fair. Sometimes a woman can run a man off because it is impossible for her to conceive the idea that he really wants to bring her more pleasure than pain. Two of the biggest problems men often face is; dealing with the mistakes another man made before him, and having to prove himself over and over again to a woman who just can’t receive his love as being genuine and from the heart. Using past experiences to unfairly judge someone new in your life, will have you missing all of the small details that truly makes them a special person. If you have a man that truly wants to love you, let him love you without using your past to sway how you will love him back in return.

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