Morning Word
If she is special to you, her love won’t come easy. Sometimes when a good man is pursuing a good woman, he may find himself faced with certain challenges. Sometimes he may have to hop over a few extra hurdles that she may have neglected to put the last few men through. Sometimes he may have to give her room to breathe, before he can be her breath of fresh air. Sometimes patience is the best thing a man can give a woman who is learning how to trust again. Sometimes when a woman gets hurt, she loses faith in not only her ability to pick a decent man but her ability to trust the next one as well. Sometimes it will take going the extra mile just to see her smile. Sometimes it may take a while for a man to change a scarred woman’s perception of men into a more positive light. However, if you can learn to be a little bit more patient with a good one considering all that she has been through, when you finally do receive her love, it will be one of the greatest treasures that you have ever possessed.

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