Morning Word
So many people don’t know that it is absolutely fine to move on with their life. In some weird way, they fall for the idea that it’s a burden if you move on with your life, and a blessing if you stay stuck living in the past. You can’t fix, change or undo anything that has happened to you. Stop beating yourself up over people who were not wise enough to appreciate you. Love connections with unappreciative people were not meant to last forever. People who want to be in your life, bring your life value. They don’t bring you; arguments, drama, fights, lies, physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse. All I’m trying to say to you is, if you are still feeling drained by a certain friendship or relationship, then it might be time to let that go. Letting that person go will not make you a bad person. You have to understand in life that some people will spoil you with loyalty and love in a good way, and then you will have some people that will spoil on you like bad milk. People with bad energy and bad vibes should come with expiration dates. Move on from these people so they don’t end up spoiling what’s good about you too. You deserve more.


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