Morning Word
Life is a marathon. It’s a journey that takes us through a course filled with a number of highs and lows. If you are grateful enough, one day you will meet someone running that same marathon with you. You both will share similar experiences on this marathon. You both will learn to develop a certain rhythm and pace with each other. You both will learn to develop a deeper bond with each other as you hop over hurdles and obstacles “together” on this journey. You both will help push each other to the next level. I guess what I’m trying to say is, life and love go hand in hand. The goal is to be with someone who you can run the entire marathon with, without giving up on each other. Be with someone who wants to cross the finish line to happiness just as much as you do. Be with someone who is willing to hold your hand through every storm and hop over every hurdle that presents itself in your life. Your life partner will not only never leave you behind but, they will also help keep you on track. And love is all about two people reaching happiness, success and blessings together at the same time.

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