Morning Word
One of the hardest things to do is to tell your heart “No” when emotionally it still wants to say “Yes” to someone who is not good for you. Sometimes we’ll get so caught up in seeing a person in a certain light that we’ll begin to overlook the obvious. We’ll overlook them taking advantage of us. We’ll overlook them taking us for granted for their own personal agenda. And because we fear being alone or fear starting over, we’ll continue to try progressing a relationship that we know we shouldn’t be settling for. The longer we keep ourselves tied to people who can’t bring value to our lives, the more damage we end up doing to ourselves in the long run. We have to understand that people who don’t care about us, don’t care about what they put us through. And while every relationship will have its own share of peaks and valleys to push through, our relationships should never leave us feeling inadequate or insignificant as a person. We have to raise the bar in terms of how we are being treated if we truly desire being in a better relationship.

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