Morning Word
As couples, everything just seems to flow better when we operate like a team. When we can make important decisions together, that’s a win for the whole household. When we can find happy mediums and compromise with each other and meet in the middle, we make being in love a lot healthier and easier. It’s not about one person getting their way all of the time. It’s not about one person making all of the decisions for everyone in the house. It’s about waking up every morning and going to bed every night stronger as a team today than you both were yesterday. That’s how you make being in love such a smooth transition. When you can give up thinking about your “wants” so that you both can sacrifice for the greater good for what you both “need” together as a couple.

2 thoughts on “Team

  1. My BF and I are team, although at times my want is for him to realize just how much potential he has to do great things, I’ve learned not to push him into what I want him to do but guide him into looking deeper within himself. Relationships and building team can be such a learning experience. I’ve grown and change so much over our 5 years together. I now feel like we are finally on our way to being a great team.

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