Morning Word
Sometimes one of the greatest challenges a single parent can face is embracing a new person in their life. For single parents, their day usually begins and ends with taking care of the children. They end up adapting a role of always doing and always being worried about whatever the next thing their children may need. See when you haven’t had children, you continue living life like you always have with keeping your focus primarily on yourself. The day you have children, you change as a person and your responsibilities and priorities change with it as well. Your needs begin to take a back seat so that you can provide your children with everything you never had. And when you and the other parent split for whatever reason, you end up becoming even more busy and self reliant as a single person. You struggle with embracing new people. Thinking about your needs begin to feel so foreign to you. Sometimes out of habit, you will feel the need to push people away instead of inviting them deeper into your life. Single parents face the challenge of learning how to maintain a healthy balance in their life. It’s not that the new person isn’t a good person. Sometimes the single parent just hasn’t figured a way to balance everything in their life, including adding someone new. | @woodtheinspiration

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