Morning Word
When it comes to love, you have to understand that no one will ever be perfect. Every person you meet will have their own personal set of flaws. The key is finding someone whose flaws won’t change how you feel about them. Can you love someone enough and overlook them being a little overweight? Can you still love someone who starts experiencing memory loss or hearing loss? Can you love someone enough who was born with a certain condition requiring them to need your help day in and day out? The point I’m trying to make is; if your love doesn’t run that deep or if you can only love people based off of what you only see on the surface, then you truly aren’t ready to love anyone. Love sounds beautiful until you have to go through a few rough days that will test your commitment to each other. It’s not the pretty pictures and fairytale endings you always see in movies. To be in love usually means that you will go through a lot. However, if you can remain loyal and committed to the other person, you will also be rewarded and blessed with a lot as well.


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