The thing is, a part of her really does feel sorry. To be honest, she didn’t mean to put you through what she did. If she could take everything back she would. For her, it was always easier to give love than it was for her to receive love. It’s not that she didn’t love you because she really did, the problem was she didn’t love herself enough to let go of the pain from the past. Sure she would treat you right but she still didn’t trust letting you see her love in its most raw form. Sure she would wear a smile on her face but unfortunately, she would also wear the pain from her past without you even knowing about it. Every time you took one wall down, she came right behind you and built two more. She wasn’t trying to punish you, she was just trying to give herself more time before she let you experience all of her. The problem was, she never factored in you getting tired. She never factored in how much she was hurting you every time she brought you closer just to push you further away. She really is sorry. She really is a good woman. She just hasn’t allowed herself to let go of the past, and losing you finally was her wake up call.


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