Morning Word
Crazy how we’ll stay with the wrong person longer than we should but run away from someone who truly cares like they never even mattered. Why are we so drawn to the pain but so scared to be embraced by the joy? Why are we so hung up on those trying to destroy our love yet so unappreciative to those who just want to cherish it? When did chasing the wrong things become the right way? When did tears of pain start feeling better than having happiness in the soul? You can’t keep looking for love in painful places and then scream that there are no good hearts left. You can’t keep dating the same type of people and expect a different type of outcome every time. Sometimes our luck with love doesn’t change until we change what it is we desire out of it first.


2 thoughts on “Looking For The Wrong Things

  1. Often we need to face our worst to appreciate the best. Learnt behaviour becomes so much more meaningful by feeling the impacted emotions and pain. The voice of others remains hearsay when our heart is singing it’s tune…we become blind and death to negativity, especially love. Pain grows us and develops our individual needs and desires. Tears really are the stairway to clarity

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