You could be madly in love with someone and then when you two break up, people will expect you to just get over them instantly. But that is not the way the heart works, especially one that was deeply rooted in someone else’s love. It takes time adjusting how you always saw yourself with someone in a certain light. It takes time making peace with the fact that you and someone else will never be together forever like you always thought you both would. It takes time mentally packing up all the memories that you both have made, and putting them in the back of your mind in storage. It takes time to mentally prepare yourself to never hear the words “I love you” again from someone that you loved so much. Getting over someone is not always that easy because sometimes that person has played such a major role in your life for so many years. And when they leave, not only is a piece of your heart missing but, a piece of your life is missing as well. We all need time figuring out how to fill that void again. We all need time finding a way to plug that space with something that won’t always have us looking back with regret. We all need time to heal so that we can move on for good one day.


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