Morning Word
If you are not careful, the world will try its best to harden you and make you feel like you do not need love. It will send you people who you trusted with all of your heart, to break your spirit. It will throw all kinds of problems and drama your way hoping that you move further and further away from someone else’s love that can bring you peace. It will have you thinking that it’s better to be independent, than to be in someone else’s arms deeply in love. It will try to use your past pains against you hoping that you never give another person the benefit of the doubt ever again. Don’t let the world emotionally desensitize you and make you feel like you can live without the best thing that could ever happen to you. When it’s the right time, the right person and the right love for you, there truly is no greater feeling. You need love, It’s just that some of you don’t know how bad you do.

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