Morning Word
You could be heaven sent and still be with someone hell-bent on keeping drama in your life. You are not doing anyone a favor remaining loyal to someone else who keeps you in draining situations. What if I told you that you still have the right to walk away from anyone walking all over you without you feeling guilty about it? What if I told you that love wasn’t meant to make you feel like a prisoner surrounded by four walls of pain, but it was meant to make you feel alive and free like you just experienced emotional deliverance. Stop expecting cheap people to know your worth. Stop giving ungrateful people the very best parts of you. And stop acting like just because you signed up to be in love with someone, that means that you “have to” keep yourself tied to dreadful situations. When you see that someone you are involved with doesn’t care about how they handle your heart, it becomes your responsibility to take it back and do what is best for YOU. You are not responsible for someone else hurting you, but you are responsible for how long you allow them to hurt you. And I want you to be happy again.

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