Me and a friend decided to do a collaborative conversation piece on love. Please follow her on instagram:@thoughtforthebeautifulmind

Her Piece,
Love may not be complicated, but heck people make it to be.
Look at yourself! Don’t you know how hard it is to give all of myself and end up broken?
How could you come into my life just like that knowing full well that you’re going?
Why profess all this “relationship goals” from the start when you won’t finish it.
Tell me, about this game you play, because if you told yourself how you have grown, then why be indecisive what’s up between us.
Look at me and pause. Can’t you see all the times I’ve been hurt?

My Piece,
I never planned to fall in love with you, we both know that just happened. And looking back on everything now, if I knew this was going to be the outcome, I probably would have stopped myself a long time ago.

But let’s be clear, you are not the only one that is hurting. I gave to the relationship just like you gave to the relationship. I’m not the kind of person that just sits back and watches the person I am in love with do everything all alone. I always enter relationships with the best intentions. I really thought we both had a shot at being partners in life. But just because we both may want it, it doesn’t mean that it was ever a part of God’s will.

Maybe we got stuck at a crossroads. Maybe I got tired of wishing you would appreciate me more, and you got tired of waiting for me to be this man I never saw myself becoming. Maybe I’m drained. It’s hard to feel wanted when you don’t feel appreciated.

You want me to look at you now because you are dealing with pain. Well I got news for you, so am I. You wouldn’t pay attention when I tried to bring you joy, but now you want my undivided attention when you are hurting. It just doesn’t seem fair…

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