Morning Word
…..And then you get your heart broken. For the longest time you will find yourself trying to make sense of everything. You will try to pinpoint the day you and the other person started going in different directions. You will start over analyzing mistakes you have made wishing that you could get a few moments back. Maybe you didn’t say “I love you” enough. Maybe you didn’t give enough effort and attention to keep the other person happy. In hindsight, how you broke up doesn’t matter, but why you broke up does. Sometimes a good person will exit your life so that a greater person can enter. You have to understand that how you love may not necessarily fulfill someone else’s needs and vice versa. We all require different things from different people. What may quench your thirst, may not satisfy someone else’s hunger. You just have to find someone who can; love like you do, who can appreciate the things that you do and who can understand what love is like you do.


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