Morning Word
She is not stuck up at all, she just doesn’t want to find herself stuck in another situation where she gives a man everything and she gets nothing in return. If she could rewind time to pay attention to the signs, she would. If she could go back in the past and fix her mistakes, she would. She would have held onto her body a little longer before giving it to you. She would have kept so many secrets to herself that she shared with you until she knew for sure that you were trustworthy. She would have been more patient with her emotions and would have waited for the moment when everything felt right. But she didn’t. She gave you the best version of herself at the time, and all you did was take her for granted. She didn’t have much but when you rob a woman of her innocence, it does two things – it makes her feel differently about herself, and it makes her feel differently about men. All she wants to do is meet a man that will love her so deep that, it will remind her of that woman she used to be before her innocence was taken.

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