Morning Word
It’s crazy how a lot of us won’t believe in love if we don’t have someone else who believes in experiencing that love with us. Believing in love shouldn’t rest on whether we have someone else to share it with or not. Whatever happened to us believing in ourselves? Whatever happened to us loving ourselves? Why have we grown so dependent on having someone else’s company validate our belief in love and whether it truly exist or not? Just because you’re alone, it doesn’t mean that love is not coming your way. Just because all of your previous relationships never worked out, it doesn’t mean that your next relationship will turn out the same way. Stop measuring your past up against your future. The two don’t even belong in the same room together. Love yourself because that is the most important love you will ever have. Let your past be what it was and remember the lessons you learned from everything you went through. And look towards your future with a light heart and an open mind, having faith that your blessing is right around the corner.

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