“Men Opening Up Part II”
The second major reason why men may have a problem opening up is “heartbreak”. When a man has loved a woman deeply and for whatever reason that woman decides to- betray him, cheat on him or end the relationship out of the blue, that pain can cause a man to close himself off from expressing himself even more. Sometimes the pain can be so deep and so heavy, we don’t trust putting ourselves out there all the way because we don’t want to experience that situation ever again. We begin to live behind these invisible brick walls trying to prevent pain and heartbreak from reaching us. It may not sound wise but it sounds like a place of comfort for any man who is generally bad with dealing with his broken emotions. The longer we live behind these invisible brick walls, the further and further we get from feeling anything real again. However getting over this pain is not impossible. All things can get better with time if we learn not to become prisoners of our past. Time heals all wounds and can make us better lovers as men if we apply ourselves in the right way and change our outlook. Letting go of pain isn’t easy to do, but it isn’t impossible either.

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