“Men Opening Up, Part I”
Often times you may hear a woman say,”I wish you opened up more. I wish you would tell me what it is you are thinking and feeling.” There are two major reasons why many men may have problems with opening up so I’ll speak on both. I genuinely believe that most men would love to connect with women on a deeper level emotionally. However, one of the major reasons we have a problem doing that is because we were never really taught how to. When most of us were young (meaning before the age of 18) we were taught to never show weakness. We were told to never show emotions and that if we did that would mean that we were soft. For most of us, when we were young we learned about the positives behind being tough, but no one showed us the positives behind being vulnerable. We learned the importance of protecting and providing for our women, but expressing ourselves often times was an area that continued to go underdeveloped. Most men are very repetitious in their behavioral patterns. We tend to stick to what we know. It doesn’t make us bad, it just means that we are set in our ways. We can’t give a woman openness if we have no clue on what it is or how to tap into it. But even though some of us never developed this quality, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. A man can get better with expressing himself and being more open if he has a woman who can be patient and help him move forward with the process. The right woman for the right man can help him grow more than he ever thought possible.

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