Morning Word
All she really wants is for you to never lose sight of her significance in the relationship. Queens aren’t replaceable. You can’t just lose a Queen, go out and find another woman, and plug her into doing the things only your Queen could do for you. Every woman doesn’t have the skill set your Queen has. Every woman can’t put you together and help you grow like your Queen can. Every woman can’t deal with the bullshit that you put your Queen through when she has had plenty of opportunities to leave. You so busy disrespecting her and the relationship behind her back, that you are forgetting the fact that there are still men out here praying to be in her presence. Don’t lose the best thing you ever had dealing with women who can’t bring out the best in you. Cherish the woman you have. Start kissing her with passion again like you can’t live without her. Start listening more and paying more attention to her so she will never feel neglected again. Women need to feel like that are wanted and that they matter. And it’s on you to show her that.

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