Morning Word
It’s such a beautiful feeling when you and someone else share the same symmetry. To find someone who can give you a feeling of completeness really is a wonderful thing. You ever been so in sync with someone that the minute you think about them your phone will start ringing with that person on the other end? You ever been so in sync with someone that they could read your mind and finish off the rest of your sentences? When you have the perfect symmetry with someone you both just seem to balance each other out. Your symmetry in having a lot of things in common, develops a chemistry that will have you both staying connected with each other’s soul with little effort. You both will fall into a certain rhythm when it comes to loving each other. You will be able to tell when something is bothering them without them even saying a word because you both share the same energy and you can tell when that is off. And finding someone you can connect with on a level like that definitely does take time.


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