Morning Word
“When you grow older and mature as a man, you seek and search for something deeper, stronger and a lot more solid than sex when it comes to your next relationship. When you mature as a man, what you need from a woman matures with it as well. You begin to realize that you need a woman that can intrigue you and make you think a little more. You begin to realize that your fire may go out every once and a while and you need the right woman that can help you spark that flame again. Your focus begins to shift more when it comes to your wants versus your needs. You may have always wanted the woman with the best body, but when you mature you realize that you need the woman who brings out the best in you regardless of how she looks. You begin to look for the lady that speaks to your spirit and not just your flesh. You end up wanting a woman who will open your mind more than she opens her legs.”


5 thoughts on “Maturing As A Man

  1. If you had been introduced to wisfom while you were young, you wpuld have known that before you ‘matured’. For example, never date a girl you would not consider to be your wife.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. Love isn’t only about wisdom. It’s about feeling and chemistry too. You can date a woman who is wife material and you two still don’t go along well together. This is why I said you look for someone who can speak to your spirit and not your flesh.

      1. Wisdom is disernment to know the difference between real meaningful love and chemical attractions of the body which can lead to unwantef children and a possible forced miserablle relationshio that affects a resultnant child. Today sex also can lead to a fatal STD.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

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