Morning Word
“Believe in your love. Everyone you decide to give a chance to may not be receptive to your genuine heart. Sometimes the people we choose have personal demons and issues they are struggling with. Sometimes they are scared. Sometimes they are unprepared to give love and be loved back. But in spite of all of that, believe in your love. See I had to convince myself many years ago that my love was never meant to be perfect. My love was only meant to be worth it to the person who took time appreciating it and seeing value where everyone else saw different. And when things didn’t work out, I always gave myself one more chance at believing in love again because I believed in mines. Listen, there is still someone out there waiting to receive your wonderful heart. Don’t let unsure people make you feel unsure about how it is you love. Stay true to your love and believe in the goodness of it. There is still someone out there who feels like your love is worth having…”


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