Morning Word
“The more I study love and the more I become a student of it, I’ve learned that intimacy has less to do about sex and more to do about putting in the time and effort with the other person. Sex plays a part, But not the biggest part. Intimacy I’ve learned is; Rubbing your lady’s back while you both are standing in line and waiting for your food, It’s the text’s you send at 2:31 in the afternoon that says “I’m thinking about you”, It’s communicating every morning, noon and night and telling the other person about your day regardless of how boring it was, It’s sharing your secrets and your dreams in the same conversation with the one you love and care about, It’s putting lotion on your back when you can’t reach the other area’s. Intimacy is a conscious dedicated effort to remain in sync with the person you have fallen in love with.”
–Wood, IG@woodtheinspiration


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