Morning Word
“What A Trifling Man Won’t Tell A Good Woman II”
He Said….”To be honest, Me causing you pain had nothing to do with you, It had to do with me and my past experiences with dealing with women. See the first woman I fell for cheated on me and broke my heart. The next woman I fell for took me for granted and broke my bank account. And the next woman after that kept using my heart as a revolving door and left me alone during my darkest times. And all of those situations hardened my heart. It had me feeling like women are out for blood the same way men are. And when it comes to love I’ma just be honest with you, It’s easier to break someone else’s heart than to keep having mine broken. And that’s what happened between Me and You. You were the first woman to fight for a relationship with Me, But I couldn’t get the other women’s faces out of my head. Every time we kissed I didn’t see you, I saw them. Every time we were intimate, I didn’t care to please you I only cared to please Me. In my head, It was only a matter of time until you did the same thing they all did. So I never gave you all of Me, I kept giving you pieces of Me. Will I have to answer for how I treated you? Of course I will, But I’ll worry about that day when it happens…..”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


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