Morning Word | What He Never Told You X
He Said…..”Before you used to be so thoughtful, Then you started treating Me like you didn’t think about Me at all. You wasn’t going out of your way to make me smile anymore. You wasn’t putting out the same effort you did in the beginning. Either you got comfortable or the value of my smile started to not mean as much. Then you would argue with Me about things not feeling the same, But do nothing on your end to change how I felt. See married or not, Relationships take a lot of work. You can’t keep taking mental, physical and emotional vacations from your partner, And comeback home expecting to have the same rapport you had in the beginning of the relationship. When we decide to be together, We become a team. And that was something that you just couldn’t grasp. When two people decide to love each other, They start working on building a bridge together. And no matter what happens you both have to keep meeting in the middle of that bridge everyday. But one day I woke up and realized you wasn’t meeting me in the middle of the bridge anymore. And that’s when I realized things had changed forever.”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

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