Morning Word | What He Never Told You VI
He Said….”But in spite of everything that you put Me through, I am still able to pray for your happiness. I’ve made a promise to myself to learn and grow from every trial and tribulation I find myself in. I don’t hold grudges anymore, I just hold onto lessons learned. The perfect relationship will never exist, But the one that is worth it for Me is definitely still out there. I want Me and my next lady to laugh like Martin and Gina as we shoot each other with super soakers throughout the whole apartment. I want us to be each other’s laugh during our saddest times, And be each other’s peace during our most craziest times. I want us to live in brick castle’s like The Huxtable’s and make funny memories as a family like when everyone got dressed up to say Goodbye to Rudy’s fish. I want a friend I can talk to about anything in my next relationship, And not someone I just go through the motions with as I walk around them on eggs shells. I don’t want to guess how they feel about Me, I want to know through actions, words, loyalty and trust. I just want us to still want each other even after we get on each other’s nerves. I just want the next person I date to be the last person I date. I just want my partner in life…”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

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