Morning Word | What He Never Told You IV
He Said….”Every time I took you back when you disrespected Me and every time I tried to work things out when you were out of pocket, I found myself erasing the line of respect I laid down for the both of us. Pretty soon there was no line for you to abide by. Pretty soon things got blurry and unallowable things between you and me became that much more allowable. And then it hit Me… The line I drew in the sand wasn’t for you to live by, It was for Me. It was meant to protect Me from Me when I can’t see people for who they are anymore. Because love will blind you and have you accepting treatment from people that you normally wouldn’t had you been in your right mind. But now I know. Next time I decide to live in love, I’ll be sure to remember to live inside the lines I draw in it as well….”
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


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