Morning Word
Everybody needs someone. Everyone needs that true companion in the midnight hour especially if their whole day was a wreck. Don’t be so quick to promote how happy you are single, When deep down inside you still yearn to find the other missing puzzle piece to your heart. If you’re happy that you are drama free I feel you on that. No one has time to deal with someone who refuse to be an adult and get their own life on track. But if not, How are you happy being alone? How are you happy not having someone who can help stimulate your mind, ideas and concepts? How are you happy not having someone be supportive of your dreams, When family and friends are too busy trying to discourage you? How are you happy bathing in your own insecurities when you have the option to be showered with love? How are you happy never waking up to good morning text’s from the person who falls asleep dreaming about you? How are you single and loving it? When it is of God for you to have a loving covenant. You deserve to be loved, You just don’t realize that you do…
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration


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