Morning Word,
It’s like now people want to peek inside your soul and enjoy your spirit for free. So rightfully or wrongfully you start making sure that people from now on pay their dues first. Because a lot of people now will write you checks out of love, That will usually bounce back to you feeling used and hurt. But deep down inside I know you still believe in love and respect the power that it can create. It’s just hard building for the future, When people are so comfortable building lies in front of your face. And you deserve someone who can love you in their truth. You deserve someone who can make you laugh during the hardest moments in your life. You deserve someone who can be the perfect peace in the middle of your chaos. You deserve someone willing to swim waters for you to save you in the middle of the ocean. You deserve someone who will never quit on you but understands that some days you both won’t win them all. You deserve someone whose kisses feel like the warmth of the sunlight, When you both are standing in the Rain…
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

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