Morning Word
Ever notice how a new person who feels great for your life, Feels just like reading a great new book? Every time you turn each other’s page, You seem to come across something new and exciting that you never knew about them before. From beginning to end they keep your attention and you can’t wait to tell someone about how good this book really is. Listen, Some of you have some people in your life that you have been reading for years. Some of you have some people in your life who’s story is always the same. They let you down. They bring you drama. And it usually always ends up feeling like a nightmare instead of a happy ending. My advice to you is this, Learn when to put people back on the shelf, When nothing about their story surprises you or excites you anymore. There is no point in continuing to read someone when all they do is let you down. Pick up something you wouldn’t normally read. That person could be the book that changes your life.
–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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