Morning Word,
God always protects his own. You ever notice how sometimes God will snatch someone from your life you were in love with, With no warning at all? One day you two were doing great, Next day things get shot to hell and you trying to figure out what happened? But then He’ll do this. God will stop you one day and go,”You remember that person I snatched away from you? Well look at what they are doing now”. And when you look most of the time you will either see them giving someone else hell or their life just ends up being a complete train wreck. And then that’s when He’ll give you your answer, “I took them away from you because the path they were headed. You didnt need to be apart of that. I have better lined up for you. Someone who understands the value of holding onto someone special like you who I took my time creating. You didnt need them, You needed who I have coming for you”.–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


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