“Morning Word: Love isnt and should never be one sided. A healthy relationship will have its balance of both give and take. When two people have a give and take relationship, They learn to lean on each other’s energy as it bounces back and forth. They learn to lean on each other’s love to see them all the way through. Love has to do with expression and feeling. And if Im taking everything you are expressing and feeling and not pouring it back into you, Sooner or later your well will run dry. But if you pour love into Me until it runs over and I pour the same love into you until that runs over, Subconsciously we will fall into a habit of keeping each other filled up. If I see that you are having a bad day, Maybe pouring a little bit of Me into you will help alleviate that and vice versa. When you give and receive, You lay down a foundation of loving to succeed.”–Wood, Instagram-@WOODTHEINSPIRATION


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